Tuesday, November 3, 2015

#Trending or not

The pleasant words and ideas of the debonair world are a poison. Spun into sweet sounding cosmopolitan nectar that is left singing in your ears. It robs your mind of the ideas that are the results of its grueling toil, it erodes your canons and removes reservation to the dangers of its lures, it launders the script of your mind. You suddenly find that what you need to be doing is hard and somehow the least path of resistance is where you are.

I do not describe myself as immune to this. Indeed even I have been corrupted by the evil that is Pop, and also forced to recon with the might of the PC world. However I do not yield lightly. Even when I am the odd man out, the last hold out when everyone else is flocking to neutral, inoffensive viewpoints or to the new hip and vogue trends, I will not be cowed into fashionable ideology or ‘cool’ styles. It is not always right and they do not always win.

Think about all the trends in technology that have gone the way of the dinosaur. Where is your zune? Where is that fancy amazon phone or your fancy BlackBerry tablet? Why did you not sign in to AOL or Earthlink? I'm sure your info is still on file.

Think of the cultural trends that have come and gone in your life. Maybe tech gets outdated but surely Britney Spears would forever live in your hearts. What about Mike Jones? … . Who? Or Adelle, Scratch that, i heard Adelle is back, but for how long?

Think about the metaphysical trends, those spiritual attestations that are now so passé. I remember when people were copying Angelina Jolie and inking themselves up with Buddhist scripts. Britney Spears, the now defunct definition of yesterday had inspired many hapless teens to tattoo themselves with Kabbalah or something close to it.Everyone was wearing red Kabbalah string, the “bling” that was trending was the cross with diamonds and gold, with stars like 50 cent (now bankrupt) sporting examples of them all the time.

Do not let your reasoning be affected by this debauchery. I know it sounds nice, sweet and innocent but it is not.You might prescribe to it now but there is a good chance that it probably won't be long before you regret WASTING time, money, energy and brain power trying to look or be cool.

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