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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I am not the moon

 from a rising poet-

I Am not the Moon
Metaphorically speaking
I am not the moon
See the moon is beautiful but it's beauty at cost
Beauty so barren
Beauty tied down
Beauty solely superficial..
See the moon is not original
The moon is not creative
The moon is stuck
As a follower
An absence of  light
Only a transmitter of it shone by a mass that has the capacity to do so much more.
A mass exploding with power and potential

Potential energy that demands to be the center of attention
Potential radiance to illuminate entire solar systems
Potential to sustain life
Untouchable because it vaporizes anything that dares to approach it's benevolence.

But see I'm not the sun either
Doomed to run out of fuel and burn out.
Doomed to the fate of catastrophic death that results in a merciless black hole
A never ending burst in the very skin of the universe.
Doomed to mortality.

See I'm something so much more. 
I am the darkness in the spaces that you see. 
I am the darkness that supports the stars. 
I hold entire galaxies. 
 See I am strong enough to contain infinitely dense singularities but I'm gentle enough to support the frail and fragile beings that populate this universe.
 Courageous enough to hold all of space and time but responsible enough to manage it. 
You can't see me yet  I am everywhere. 
I go unnoticed and unappreciated

Think of me as air that holds the clouds and birds and the tops of skyscrapers or
 think of me as water that holds entire ecosystems
Revel in these thoughts and realize I could never compare myself to the rock that orbits around us
My immortal conscience flowing with ideas only limited by fleeting time
In addition to the knowledge that compiles from the evolutionary miracle that is my ancestors.
Metaphorically speaking
I am not the moon.


Friday, December 18, 2015

Nature or Nurture on Terrorism

I have a hypothetical question for any Christians out there. What if I had access to Jesus DNA and I cloned Jesus? This can happen (some private collector somewhere might have some Jesus blood on an artifact)but it most likely won't. Would the offspring I brought up be a God? Would you have to worship him? He does have holy spirit DNA in him? If he became a Christian, would he be worshiping himself? Can he Sin?

 Now some of the questions above are asked in jest. I know that many Christians are struggling with more basic queries of humanity like planned parenthood or LGBT rights and their staunch mindset render them unfit to ponder these question. If they can however, I would like an answer to the last one. If a person had God DNA or was made of God stuff in him, would he Sin? Would he be ever culpable? Able and/or willing to commit crime?

Of course this question is moot to everyone of humanistic values. However there is an analogous question that can be asked. Do some people have a genetically better human nature than others in that they are less prone to crime? Are some people actually built more good than others?

Recently i had a very interesting  discussion about nature vs nurture. The question was which was more responsible for radicalization of a person. Are the upbringings of the people who become religious terrorists more to blame for their radicalization or is it in their nature to become terrorists? If we take these people out of their inimical environments, would they stop being terrorists?

Maybe we can learn from examples on the causes. There is the case of Abu Mansoor, who was brought up as a southern baptist. After becoming of age and converting to Islam, he became radicalized. He eventually traveled to Somalia to become part of Al-Shabaab and in the end became their DE-facto leader. Did his fundamental nature lead him into becoming a terrorist or did his upbringing make him one? There are some interesting things that went on in his life that can give us answers. From his father’s conversion to Islam to him running away at an age of 16 and becoming heavily involved in online Islamic activism. This might point to the fact that his environment had a lot to blame for his radicalization. Such is the case with many other individuals, in that their environment seems more to have an influence on their radical behaviors than their nature.

For me, I think that a person can be predisposed to be violent or calm, zealous or apathetic. This may literally be written in their genes, however how they go about expressing this in their behavior is up to them. I do not think that there is a  person prone to be a terrorist simply due to their heredity, it is because they followed a given pattern of behavior that is of a terrorist nature. The most common way that people adapt a given behavior is by watching others behavior and imitating or learning from them.

I may be wrong, Some person somewhere may actually discover some sort of radicalization gene. Until that day arrives, there is something that is very obvious- Religion followed uncritically, is one of the biggest source of these terrorists.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Erdogan takes Daesh money

It is clear  to me as it should be clear to anyone with an open mind that Turkey is buying ISIS oil. That is not even in question. The Turkish-Syrian border is as porous as a sieve, even though according to president Obama, they have made progress reducing the amount of people and oil coming through there. His exact quote was that there are some gaps. The question now is if the government is complicit in this leaving of gaps.

They recently asked an armed forces guy here in america about Turkey and oil. I think it was the head honcho in the army in Iraq and his reply was immediate. Of course turkey does not help ISIS terrorism, it is a major partner in fighting them. You could physically see him squirming. This is due to the amount of pressure that Turkey has on USA in that America has so many resources and so much money tied into the country that the USA cannot dare critisize the Erdogan government. Even though they harbor suspisions of his actual trading with ISIS in oil. Biden had to actually apologize last year for even impliying that Turkey has traded with Daesh.

With the recent Russian accusations about President Erdogan's family connection with the energy industry and ISIS. There seems to be a clear pattern of co-ordination between Turkey and ISIS. You have to remember that Turkey has had a huge ongoing problem with PKK. What essentially seems to be happening is that ISIS is helping Turkey with PKK, sapping away its fighters and actually fighting aganist them. In return, Erdogan is allowing trading with them to occur. In the process, him and his family are turning up a tidy profit in all this as big players on the energy market in that area. ISIS is killing turks, it is damaging PKK, Erdogan was losing aganist PKK, even had to try bargaining with them last year but not any more, not thanks to Daesh

The attacks from Turkey aganist Russia are make the appearance of the existence of a patnership seem damning,Russia says they were flying against ISIS, implying ISIS was close to or even in Turkey. Turkey officially fired the missiles, the turkmen(Grey wolves who are alligned with Erdogan and help him fight the PKK) kill the pilot, They gave the body back to the government (implying the clear ties btw them and Erdogan) now Erdogan gives back to Russia a dead corpse for burial and wants them to chill out so they can go back to business as usual.

If Turkey was a secular state this would not be happening. Even though they profess secularity,Turkey in the hands of Erdogan is a muslim state, a muslim state that has ties with fundamentalism and ISIS.It is not a bastion of stability in the middle east

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Kenya's 'Pope holiday' puts church and state too close for comfort'

You can never escape from this shit. Even the Kenyan government is trying to cram it down its citizens mouths. WTH?

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Traffic coming from Copyright claims

There is alot of traffic coming from copyright claims. In my younger days, i used to rely on google images alot and usually just copied images straight from the net to my blog. Supposedly in the last month, there have been 35 visits to my site, each averaging about 2.5 minutes just looking for copyright images. That is why in alot of my older articles, you find alot of blank images that have been taken off.

Hello there copyright reviewers, sorry for the stealing. I'll try not to do it again.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Purpose of mortality

There is no escape from mortality. It is something we all have to deal with.How does one deal with loss of a loved one? How does one manage the pain? When you lose a loved one, Why does this happen? How can you understand this? How can one cope?

As an atheist, I have no incentive for death. There is no afterlife, no place that comes after death, But due to this what i do in this life is of utmost importance. I plan to accomplish many things within my limited time. I need to do something meaningful in this world that will endure. I need to have a legacy. I need my friends and family to have a meaningful contribution to remember me with after I'm gone.

With religion, one is told time and time again of Gods master plan. The principal object of faith is the one who ordains and orchestrates this, all to a grand purpose. I always ask myself what kind of monster would do this and rob us of our friends or even family? What sort of convoluted, depraved purpose can only be accomplished by bringing death in the painful ways that it occurs?

I know when something happens, it is tempting to look for an agent in it. Why was what was precious taken away from you? Whom caused this and what purpose was there in it? There was this unerring comment by Sam Harris about this aspect of human nature. When we are in the dark and we hear rustling in the bushes, we don't first think that it might be the wind or a gust. The first thought is who is that? What do they want? Not because it is likely but because we have developed or evolved in situations where thinking like this was beneficial to survival.

We are stuck in this primal mental make-up. However we do not have let it rule our lives. It is better for you not look for an agent to a loss as you will always be looking for something that does not exist.There is no purpose to it, there is no one who required it to happened, there was no plan for it, It just happened.

If you have experienced a loss, I want you to instead think of your loved one and all they accomplished in their lifetimes. Think of the struggles they overcame, of the changes they made in your life and all the lives that they have influenced. Appreciate that they have made an impact in the world, They might not have solved all the world's problems but they have helped somehow. How do you want to continue their legacy? How do you want to their meaning to endure.

Sunday, November 8, 2015


Not much of a Cad expert, I'm just removing the wheel wells and rough edges at this stage

Friday, November 6, 2015

Social inertia or group think

How do you view social inertia. It is rarely thought critically.I do not mean social inertia as defined psychologically. This is just part of what i describe as momentum of the populace. I define the inertia as the collective of people that is your community or society acting some way not necessarily because they have a goal but that is where their sum of emotions has led them. It is a matter that is rarely thought about in terms of right or wrong. I mean in all of human society, the winners get to tell the tale and if the populace is the winner, the tale get twisted and warped around the phenomena that is social inertia.

The Arab spring has objectively brought mostly nothing but war and death all around the world but it is still talked about as this beautiful thing. Why? Because the arab spring is a child of its society and society can do no wrong in its own eyes. I know some might disagree as a fact but the arab spring  has caused objectively a bad effect on the world. One might argue that the net effect in the future will be good but when is this good net effect going to happen? How many decades is it going to take to overcome the poverty, war and misery that are occurring now? Is this the only way that was found to bring change to whatever needed it or was this caused by simply mob mentality?

The clashes that have occurred and are still occurring that can be termed as “witch hunts” all across the world, in africa and the western world, in the lay world and political worlds are part of this mob mentality. Blaming people for a problem they did not cause, where the pressures of society cause for lack of a better word,  hordes of people to spring up into action creating strife or bring forth accord. These events are not derived from reason or logic, they might have individuals, or entities within them that have logical reasons for what they are doing but the group as a whole is usually a rabble of people devoid of any particular purpose. They might have an end resolution that is agreeable but the beginnings of these things are from dark parts of our primitive brains.

I think that this is what happened in Romania this week. Essentially the prime minister of the country was made to resign due to a club fire. I am not making light the death of the  27 people or the injuries that occurred, but it was not the fault of the prime minister. It just was not. I cannot see it. The reports claim that rampant corruption was the reason for this, but how is this related to the prime minister? Did the owner of the club send a personal bribe to the prime minister? What is this link i am missing that puts the blame of some stupid organizer on the PM?

To be fair, The corruption charges that  have been levelled against the PM might be true and there actually might be some truth that the corruption on a local level might have led to the conditions that caused the accident. However, the resignation of the PM will not be the solution to end all corruption. The PM has very little say on a local level, no amount of oversight would change that, he would be doing fuckall trying to improve corruption at such a low level in such a short amount of time considering the scale of corruptness currently in romania as talked about by the EU.

My point is this, The revolts that are going on  and will be going on there are a “witch hunt” at their best and violent unthinking mobs at their worst. This is not the best way to get change in the country, This is probably not even a good way to get change in the country. It is just the social inertia has swayed people, and since the throng has an energy, it has to take action, The people who really hates the PM have found themselves leading this horde and have conceived of a way to get rid of the PM, who by the way i view as somebody who was trying to do something about the corruption. This is not a feel good story of revolution and social change, it is a story about the ills of being led by social inertia. Do not let yourself be easily moved by the momentum of the collective. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

#Trending or not

The pleasant words and ideas of the debonair world are a poison. Spun into sweet sounding cosmopolitan nectar that is left singing in your ears. It robs your mind of the ideas that are the results of its grueling toil, it erodes your canons and removes reservation to the dangers of its lures, it launders the script of your mind. You suddenly find that what you need to be doing is hard and somehow the least path of resistance is where you are.

I do not describe myself as immune to this. Indeed even I have been corrupted by the evil that is Pop, and also forced to recon with the might of the PC world. However I do not yield lightly. Even when I am the odd man out, the last hold out when everyone else is flocking to neutral, inoffensive viewpoints or to the new hip and vogue trends, I will not be cowed into fashionable ideology or ‘cool’ styles. It is not always right and they do not always win.

Think about all the trends in technology that have gone the way of the dinosaur. Where is your zune? Where is that fancy amazon phone or your fancy BlackBerry tablet? Why did you not sign in to AOL or Earthlink? I'm sure your info is still on file.

Think of the cultural trends that have come and gone in your life. Maybe tech gets outdated but surely Britney Spears would forever live in your hearts. What about Mike Jones? … . Who? Or Adelle, Scratch that, i heard Adelle is back, but for how long?

Think about the metaphysical trends, those spiritual attestations that are now so passé. I remember when people were copying Angelina Jolie and inking themselves up with Buddhist scripts. Britney Spears, the now defunct definition of yesterday had inspired many hapless teens to tattoo themselves with Kabbalah or something close to it.Everyone was wearing red Kabbalah string, the “bling” that was trending was the cross with diamonds and gold, with stars like 50 cent (now bankrupt) sporting examples of them all the time.

Do not let your reasoning be affected by this debauchery. I know it sounds nice, sweet and innocent but it is not.You might prescribe to it now but there is a good chance that it probably won't be long before you regret WASTING time, money, energy and brain power trying to look or be cool.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Energy crisis

I am running out of steam. I feel like a geriatric writing this, but i find myself not wanting to pursue things i would have pursued while i was younger. Maybe this is just growing up.

I am now reading the last paragraph about 6 months after writing it. It dawns on me that I need to amp up or else the lack of vitality I am still experiencing will plague me till my old age. I'm not going to wake up tomorrow and find myself like a buck youth springing forth with energy. I'm not going to be able to masturbate 5 times a day for a whole week's stretch anymore.

To that end, i’m putting forward a resolution. 1 page blog entry a day, 1 video entry a week and 1 thirty min video a month. Hard but definitely doable. It may be that I am already on my downward slide to oblivion, but it behoves me to fight this to stupor to the end.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Arab Spring it is not

Arab Spring is a misnomer, A pseudonym given in order for the media to talk about what was really happening and remain politically correct. Sticking with the seasonal theme, the real name that i would give this period is the Islamic winter or even more foreboding the Islamic Fall.
Sounds awful does it not. Im sure if i had a higher reader count, I would be spammed with comments about islamophobia and whatnot  but let me be clear.This position is coming from a very logical analysis of events. Even though I hate all religions equally, hate their institutions, their practices and anything else they do, I am not one to discriminate between any of them. The position i find myself adopting is one coming from looking at the trends that started in 2010 and are still continuing to now.

Tunisia was the epicenter of it all. Major protest started occuring all over the country demanding the resignation of Ben Ali who some might say was somewhat despotic. This was a somewhat innocent beginning but then the religious organizations joined in and turned the political aspirations of the protests into the doctrinal fervor culminating into a religious uprising. Key among these organizations was the Islamist Ennahda party. Ben Ali abdicates, The country votes, The islamist are unable to acquire power, they revolt again and finally they get their desire; political power.

All the meanwhile, the other islamic integrists in the other countries are watching. They see an opportunity to increase their power. Starting in egypt, When riots begins occurring, The Muslim brotherhood which had been banned from politics fans the flames of revolt in the city, Alexandria and Suez, forcing the armed forces to act and overthrow Mubarak, And when elections occur, it is not surprising that the Muslim Brotherhood have not only won the presidential election but many of the local elections.

In Algeria, the situation seems even plainer. We have an actual religious terrorist group, The Islamic Salvation Front which somehow had won power in the 1990’s but then lost it due to popular revolt , civil war and democratic action. They are largely recognized as one of the key movements behind the 2010 protests. However, unlike the other countries algeria was able to resist the Fighting of the other countries mainly due to the memories of the civil war.

In Jordan, the Muslim Brotherhood essentially forced King Abdullah II to dissolve parliament and involve them in it. In Syria, Isis was a key part to the unraveling of the country, In Libya again we have the Muslim brotherhood. In Nigeria, We have Boko Haram going through a resurgence since 2009. The only noted exception to this is Mauritania which was not Arabs protesting but blacks protesting against the largely Arab government. The thing tying all these things is not Arabic descent rather Islamic religious organizations fighting for power, as such Islamic Fall is a more fitting term to it than Arab spring.

Religion is the slave master with the addictive stuff

My  atheism belief was fought for  tooth and nail. I battled parents, relatives, friends, enemies , friend-enemies and my own self to get and maintain the simple belief that the exists no god or supernatural being that can or ever has helped shape me or humanity. Like the christians have the ficticious devils in their heads dissuading them of their religion, there are always things that attract me to religious communities.

The main thing for me has always been the communal experience. the friendship and kinship that goes along with church membership. Maybe it is like Marx said?