Friday, February 17, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

All I want

I am lost. My mind is wandering with no where to go , exempt the wallowing depth of my boredom. My mind is trapped in walLs of nothing ness like metal bars imprisoning me.  I am lost because I am being imprisoned with laws and regulations I just want to just walk and be free from all of these rules.

Solutions to my pit of darkness: Do I listen to others or do I follow my dream. the problems with my dream is that people restrict me to the dreams I can have, but the range of my dreams is endless. The only solution to the problem is to just be me but how?

The answer is I can't, I want to just do something without someone pulling me back and scolding me for being irresponsible

What is my problem? How can I solve it? What do I want ? All in all, being me is just to hard.

 by Epoh

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Atheist 2.0

Atheist 2.0, Quite an interesting proposition

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Secular Humanism

Due to obvious superiority of religious organizations on matters of moral guidance (2000 year of it), it is imparative to have a parrallel non-religious moral guideline. The christian moral guideline which is the most prevalant was gotten from years of debate and politics by kings and historical figures of christianity using the church doctrine and jewish sources as a base. It is clear that moral guideline derived from discussion and debate by normal people for normal day to day usage using facts, analysis and critical thinking is a better alternative, however most people are unaware or unwilling to consider secular humanism, a discipline dedicated principally to the study of ethics and ethical stances without religious influence. This is not an uncommon trait in today's atheist community, causing many atheist to feel as if there is no ethical guidance available for them. However moral guidance without theism does exist in todays world and has existed for about a century and a half with a considerable population all around the world. The only difference to the converted atheist is that it has been deemed by people as a study not a discussion, commonplace in universities and other higher learning facilities but not as integrated to daily life of the common man as many religious institutions are! I personally would like a scientific humanistic discussion in my daily,weekly or monthly routine, maybe a television show, radio talk show or even blog entry discussing these matters. I am not implying the absence of these debates happening in the world, they are indeed happening! I am saying they are not common in most people daily life either due to lack of access or unavailability and this should not be so.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Global warming lies

Spending alot of time watching videos.  The great global warming swindle is one of the more interesting ones.

The great global warming swindle

Anthropogenic Global Warming: How Real Is It?