Saturday, December 21, 2013

To all the agnostic theists out there

        I always wanted to ask the agnostics why they sustain their system of belief. This question is specifically for the agnostic theists. why not give up the hope in finding religion instead of desperately clinging onto the little hope  of finding religion that makes sense. They believe that there is a higher entity, but doubt the plausibility of the current day religions. If you ask them, they think that a religion exists somewhere or will exist some time in the future that is able to satisfy their wishes, or that if they give the current religions more time they will eventually make sense. In my opinion, there never will be a religion that will satisfy a rational mind, you will always find a hole in the logic of any supernatural belief. The only thing that religion can provide is satisfaction for emotions, biases and false pretenses; irrational stuff!
        For me it is like the little kid who does not believe in Santa Claus but still believes that there is an all knowing physics defying person who will reward him for his good behavior. or worse there is the kid who knows intellectually that Santa does not exist but is always desperately searching for proof of his existence. Grow Up! Even if these beliefs give you comfort or serve some personal purpose in your life whether emotionally or psychologically , They deprive you of rationality in terms of outlooks to life; they keep your mind in a loop, cycling through the bunk logic of supernatural beliefs; they are chains to enslave you, your peers, friends,family and society to the maniacal plans of religious organizations .
        It is the same way the parents use Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny or even the thanks giving turkey, if their children believe in these myths then this is a short cut around their minds allowing the parents to influence the behaviors of the kids without having to work with the kids logic. Be good or Santa wont get you a present; you must do your homework or the Easter bunny wont crap some candy on Easter;You must be thankful of stuff or else the thanks giving turkey wont die for our dinner, and we wont feast on thanksgiving Thursday again. These beliefs destroy kids good sense and replace it with blind devotion to some folk idol just to make it easier for parents to micro manage their kids.
       Unless there are agnostics out there who just believe that there is more than one supernatural being and it is impossible to choose just one, in that case i say to you that are just another nutcase theist so there is no merit in you even reading this.

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