Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Embarassment from mistakes

The first instinct to a mistake is always embarassment. No matter the situation and no matter the stakes.Be it a surgeon, philosopher, troubleshooter when a person makes a mistake, they are embarasse,  their first thought is to hide the mistake, bury it in the past and move on. Thus one of  the hardest things to do is abandon this thought. One of the hardest decision one has to make is hide the mistake from society, higher powers and/or yourself, or else take steps to resolve it. 
I might have made a few mistakes in my interaction with people and social circles i have been with. I definitely have made some mistakes in my personal and professional lives. It was unavoidable, even inevitable. The real pain in the rear is trying to move on and correct these mistakes. Cause rest assured no matter the extent and damage of the mistake, I always do my best to make amends

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