Sunday, January 9, 2011

The family

By: Hope Kigango

Part 1


Some time there was a family. It was a family of five kids. Those kids where Nancy, Macy, Austin, Luna, and Storm. Unlike other kids storm was special. He was named storm because of it. He was able to control all things ghastly. He could set of a hail of pelage. His brothers and sisters also had special powers, I’m telling you about Storm because he out of all his family had the EVIL power. Everyone had to be careful around him because the slightest thing could set him off. Luna also has an amazing power she could control all planets. She could control the stars the moon and she could also go to space with no air. She helped find life on all planets. Nancy was the girl with the power of beauty she could control all people with just her beauty. If she wanted anything she could get it with a blink of an eye. Macy could control plants. She could make vines a million feet tall and a hundred feet wide. She could grow flowers so high that no one could ever imagine. Austin was very special. He could time travel and teleport. He could go ten years to the past and the time would freeze in the present so when he got back it would unfreeze. He could be in mobile and then in Texas in two second flat. If you want to know about his parents lets just say they were the best super heroes ever.

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  1. hey hopi its jalen does ur mom know about this p.s. im having a bday party