Saturday, January 29, 2011


Part 2

By an anonymous little sister of mine

It was a cold day the wind was blowing extremely hard. The family took a walk in the national park with there fake identities. Suddenly storm looked up and saw something coming towards them, it was their father swearing all types of ghastly words. Storm with his bad temper became infuriated. A tornado was forming around him seeking its victim. Luna was crying. The whole family was upset.

Soon they found out that that was not their dad, but it was a cyborg clone sent to decode the family’s identities.

Soon a flock of clones came but they malfunctioned and tried to destroy them. More and more and more of them came .Luna caused a meteor shower knocking out some robots .Storm caused rain which killed some robots, Nancy caused a malfunction in the cyborgs with her beauty , Macy caused plants every where to massacre the robots. At the end all the robots were defeated and so were the family.

The end


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