Friday, June 25, 2010

Well, the US and England made it into the round of 16.

I understand some of the anger that American fans have at the football referee who called a foul just before the U.S. team scored. I even think that the foul really was commited in the match aganist Slovenia but commentary from the ESPN coverage was douchy and slightly asshold-like.

World Cup: blaming the 'incompetent African'

I would hope that future criticism would be restricted to non-flammatory,non-arsenine comments that don't insinuate that african referres are by and large 'third rate' and were included in the world cup just for political correctness.

Mind you that in their match aganist Algeria, the same thing happened to the demsey player(8) and i did not hear a peep aganist the Belgian refs.

That being said, I am uber excited about tommorows match of USA vs. Ghana. I would like to cheer for the US. but I just have to support the only african team now in the world cup.

Go Ghana!

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