Friday, June 11, 2010


There appears to be alot of briton blowback that is on the side of British Petrolium. The british seemingly dont want BP to have to pay for damages in the Gulf. They are wary of any US. governmental pressure on "Their Company" and some of them even want the U.S. government to finance cleaning up the Gulf instead of BP.

The language and rhetoric of this dispute is going into the danger zone, is becoming too highly personalized. The interpretation over here, not just by me but others, is that it has a certain anti-British rhetoric to it — and that has to be of concern,

John Napier

You want the oil, America ......You clean up the Mess!!

South Carlifornia Public Radio

The British government's response so far has been much more measured. Speaking on a visit to Afghanistan, new Prime Minister David Cameron said he understood the U.S. government's frustration over the spill. But then the famously jingoistic Daily Mail newspaper ran a front-page headline that read, "Stand up for your country, Mr. Cameron."

The mood was heightened further by suggestions from Washington that BP should suspend its dividend to shareholders; some British news outlets say that will be announced next week.


The Labour party is seemingly deeply involved in the lobbying for BP in the name of the pensioners in britain and other people investing in the Oil giant. It is however still quite a far way for BP to the end of the crisis though. They still have to cap the leak and also pony up for damages.

It is with all this political upheaval that the World cup match of USA Vs. England occurs, Tomorrow at 1:30 Central time.

What do the Yanks have to say?

We Kicked Redcoat Ass at Yorktown, We’ll Kick Redcoat Ass in South Africa


Landon Donovan, The U.S. captain has cranked up the USA's bid to beat England today by claiming the Yanks don't fear any team at the World Cup.

There's no reason why we can't compete with England. If we give ourselves a chance to make plays and we make them, we can beat them.


All I can think of is what George Washington said

My first wish is to see this plague of mankind banished from the earth.

So lets whoop their farking asses!

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