Sunday, April 18, 2010

Randomness ~ in religion

Manifest destiny~The painting

The randomness that we are privy to in life is a testament to the actuality that there is no set course, no single or even primary guiding force to decide the way things will happen. Our living history is guided by a sort of mutualistic anarchism inherent in all existence.

There is no single controller of predestination, No one person planning your life or no single force colliding galaxies .We are all pushing buttons ,pulling lever, or performing actions trying to exert some influence in some sort of fashion to some sort of end in our lives, our surroundings and the world in general. We can work every day to prevent global warming through the smallest actions like turning out lights, improve neighborhoods by participating in charitable work, or earn money through the sleaziest of means like shoplifting e.t.c. These are all ways we exercise influence to control our own lives. If you analyze this from a generalistic viewpoint maybe accounting for the actions in a group of people, you might find some things that might indicate that there are forces,ideas or trends that can affect huge amounts of people, you might find locales or subgroups that have been most nearly dominated by singular wills but you will never find any single force being in control of all the buttons, exerting all the influence and directing every facet of an element with total control. You will never really find a specific God influence.

I personally like the idea of God, A perfect entity influencing everything: the world, the community and you the individual to a just,happy and all important destiny that is for some cool,sweet and noble purpose. The God will protect us, control and maintain the universe, give us strength, guidance and love, even look after our tires or at least help us to repair them now that a nail has poked a hole in them. This is a great idea,it appeals to our emotions, minds and corporeal selves. it provides justice, order, plans for the past, present and future things,can make anybody feel good. Many friends and relatives have staked their very lives on this idea, giving away their time, money, minds and freedom to promote it, at a horrendous cost.But I hope they come to realize, it is just an idea, not an reality, not a hidden fact, not even an unclear truth. It is just an idea that appeals to many.

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