Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Here are some more photos to make the blog seem more colourful

The GT-R; I snapped a picture of it at a local dealership. These guys treated it like gold, wouldn't let a fellow even touch it, let alone taking a test drive.

My brother and sister; nice picture of them, laban will really be unhappy to see this posted!

Me and a Delorean; First time to see one of these live. I was trying to look cool but there is no way i was going to succeed with the lawn service in the back and the tahoe interrupting the shot on the road.

My tercel; Trying to replace the transmission without buying a stand. It was tiresome and unfruitful as well since the replacement tranny was faulty!

The fiesta movement; Either they were delivering these cars for display to dealers or some lucky guy all the way in alabama got a fiesta! I snapped this photo quite a long time ago though.

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