Sunday, February 7, 2010

Christian Missionaries in Haiti

My thoughts on the Christian NGO's on a previous post were quite negative, I recieved quite alot of criticisms on Mashada but i still retain alot of these veiws. A story has cropped up that might help to elaborate on my viewpoints . Recently a number of bapist missionaries from Idaho have been charged with trying to kidnap children from Haiti. They have been charged with trying to take children, some of whom parents object out of the country illegally, supposedly in the name of rescuing orphans. Even when confronted with such evidence, they refuse to admit any guilt, even the church itself support these kidnappers! The Religious convictions of these people like those of other religious fundamentalists such as those of islamic fundamentalists have driven them to act irrationally. In these peoples minds of their purposes are infallable and you can clearly see their willingness not to let anything be it the law, common sense, morality or even their own theology stand in their way, You will find the same sort of people operating religious NGO's, Church based charities and organizations extending through many the commercial and personal circles around you, some might be friends, neighbours, kin or even within your immediate family. Be wary of anything in conjunction with these people that is religious motivated. Any Action, gesture, gift, literature, emotion, opportunity linked to these sort of people might be used to ends that you might not like!

U.S. Missionaries In Haiti Charged With Child Kidnapping

US Baptists charged with Haiti child abduction face 15 years in jail

[Audio]-Some Haitians Wary Of Baptist Missionaries

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