Thursday, January 14, 2010

USF1 and Testing

As you guys might or might not know, USF1 or USGP1 is a new team in Formula One that is based in the U.S.A. This is a total first, Even Ford while competing with the jaguar name was based in Europe which is the prefered location due to proximity to tracks. USF1 was starting its testing in february and it was given a special waver by the FIA to peform its testing in AL, USA. I thought that I might take advantage of this fact to be able to for the very first time veiw an F1 car since I live in Alabama, But it turns out that USF1 or management at Barber motorsport track decided that they wanted a closed test, so no attendees. I wrote these guys a letter to try and convince them to open the test to the public, I dont know whether they will respond.

To the Guys at USF1,

Please open February testing to the public

I know that there has to be alot of pressure in formula 1 which might warrant a level of secrecy but you guys promised in the beginning to make a concerted effort to buck the trend that other teams adopt which is characterized by shrouded operations and actions with no earnest efforts to communicate with the public. You have certainly entrepreneured new methods of staying in touch with supporters by using modern media like youtube and tv patnerships(speed) but unless fans have a real and material tie to the action, They will not enjoy the same experience that the European teams are able to deliver to their fans where they are based.

To get to the Point, Why are you guys closing to the public the only opportunity many fans in america will be able to see and hear your car? This is the first f1 car in about two years to be driven on american soil (mainly due to Bernie) and it would be a great sorrow if we(the public) were unable to experience this event. Please rethink or talk with barber motorsports and open the february test to the public!

Your truthfully

Hopefully these guys open the test and I can be able to see an F1 car live in action. Write to USF1 to tell them what you think, if you can or want to.

P.S: My name(Justus) was mentioned in a related F1-Fanatic Article, Cool Huh!


  1. Hi Justus, Have you heard anything back from the team yet?
    I am still considering coming down for the tests any way (from Seattle) there must be somewhere you can get a glipse of the car from.


  2. I heard that there is a clear view of the track from the Barber Motor sport Museum It has a 15 dollar admission fee but if they don't open the track, that will be the next best bet to get a view of the car!