Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christian NGO's

The biggest topic in any conversation this time is the disaster in haiti. I was in a forum discussion at mashada on this topic and i had a disagreement with some people on there about the inherent flawedness of religious NGO's. I simply said that it was kinda sad that christians would take advantage of such a terrible event for proselytizing. It seemed that whenever i turned on any religious channel in the tv, all of their pundits are asking for funds to spread the "good news" and help their fellow churches in haiti to increase attendance and revenue through these NGO's and i thought that these funds would be better utilized if people contributed to purely secular NGO's. My comments angered alot of religious idiots and imbiceles who thought i was trying to kill jesus or something!

Your statement is in bad taste

And then they said

The incentive to help is inspired by the word or doctrine from the religion.They are helping because the faith urges so,and not because they want to spread the faith.

Christians are urged to help the poor both believers and non-believers.

Romans 5:8

But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

These are not baseless accusations,There have been many reports in the past of these organization corrupting the help they give by investing a great deal of contributed money in things like religious meetings or religious text and propaganda rather than direct aid with some of these organizations having very sininster goals like trying to actively uproot and destroy native religions or in even more extreme cases helping bring foreign political systems to by creating political turmoil to destabilize native gorvenment. When i tried to tell these guys this, they did short of calling me satan

That is a fallacy crated by atheists in an attempt to discredit and impeachable religion.Christian doctrine preaches about free choice.We are not like atheist nazis who coerced some europeans into their fold.

So I did a couple of google searches and i found some material to prove i was not lying, i found out for example that George Bush had to distance himself with Billy Graham, one of the most famous evangelist in the world who got alot of criticism when he suggested that the United States should use NGO's to make the Iraqi people more amicable to democracy by spreading Christianity to their citizens, his son has been a huge factor against the backlash to NGO's in Sudan, and their church, the Southern Baptist Convention has been famous in the US. for their spirited practice and defense of proselytism .There have also been armed resistance to these organizations in Sri-Lanka, Sudan, Thailand, Afghanistan. There have been various allegations against such major organization like world vision or christian disaster response intl. Of proselytizing with proof! In addition alot of countries have outrightly stopped giving missionary visas and are heavily monitoring these NGO's. Some countries like Uzbekistan have thrown out a great number of ngo's on these charges! At this point, these guys at the forum did a complete about turn and surprisingly started supporting these NGO's

Jerry D has made the claim that atheist countries are supporting aid relief in Haiti more than religious countries. He's also joined hands with Kinango123 in attacking Christian charity missions because they go there with the primary purpose of proselytism

My handle is kigango123 by the way

A christians priority is to save life,i hope you know that life comprises of 2 distinct forms.Mortal and Immortal.


What drives a christian to help the poor is faith,and faith itself comes through hearing the word of God.The word of God is in the bible.Whatever version you are refering to just quote a verse in it that says something about not helping the poor.If you can prove that from the doctrine you win the case,but if cannot,you have no case here.Its like a case of an atheist protecting gays rights then i conclude that all atheists are gays.

are the christian NGOs committing any crime by helping and counselling the Haitians? What if some of the people being helped are christians and need the encouragent from a brother or sister? If they were trading help for faith i would have issues.I just believe firmly that most of the victims would require spiritual guidance during such difficult time.

It was clear that the rules regulating NGO's were unclear so i tried to elaborate them, as i understand it is against the law in many countries that these organizations are in to make use of their NGO status to spread religion. There are statutes set forth by the UN that prohibit this! These faith based NGO's are required to sign a Code of Coduct prohibiting this. If anyone wants to embark on evangelistic mission(proselytism) there are legal mean like the missionary visa but basically these organization are lying to the public, misusing donations and sometimes gorvenment money and disobeying the law by doing such things, all of which is ILLEGAL!!!!!! Like the guys who have been in jail in korea,china, zibabwe and even malaysia.The simple matter of fact is that if I were contributing money, i would want it all to go to direct aid not preaching! During colonial times, there were cases where people in africa were denied food,clothing,medicine and education just beacuse they were of a different religion than the christian givers i.e. the missionaries of their times who were just out to convert people not help them. The rest of the form was filled with hatemongering, but that is typical!!

I thinks you are merely tripping yourselves trying to sound intellectual when in fact [you] are simply ignorant and unable to comprehend even smallest issue,


He is simple racist and Christians should object to it

  • The discussion is still on at Mashada

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