Sunday, August 9, 2009

Frankenstein's Complex

“The Frankenstein complex” is a phrase coined by the great Isaac Asimov. Asimov was tired of the science fiction being derailed from rational speculation of the future to being the voice of mindless fear and paranoia towards technology. The phrase was derived from Mary Shelley's literature in essence captures the fear that opposes progressionism In modern times This Frankenstein complex has enveloped life in the 21 century to being a bottleneck to progress and science. Caution is needed in many occasions but this Frankenstein complex has taken a lot of minds aloof.

The global warming crisis for example is hogwash perpetuated by this complex. I do not claim to be an expert or even that knowledgeable to this subject, but there are many fallacies in the theories and action related to global warming. There has been extensive research documenting an increase in atmospheric temperature coinciding with an increase in carbon dioxide. Wikipedia graphs plot global surface temperature increasing in a logaristical fashion, while carbon dioxide increases likewise in a approximately linearly.This data has prompted many studies and due to all this frenzy, the global warming theorem has been created and the cause has been attributed to technology.

The component that is supposedly causing this increase according to this theorem is excessive Co2 . First there are other theorems that attribute this temperature increase to solar flaring and other things and regard increasing carbon dioxide as a bi-product. They have been ignored in light of global warming. Regardless If carbon dioxide is the culprit, the man-made output is estimated to be about 26 Gt. Output and most of this is attributed to heavy industry, Energy production not light transportation or residential output. The natural carbon dioxide cycle involves about Terratones of Co2 . Expending magnitudes of effort saving a few megatones in personal transportation while barely monitoring Heavy industry seems illogical.

Secondly when any positive action to solve the problem is set in progress it has to cuddle these fears instead of directly dealing with the problem. Restricting emissions and complicated taxing ventures to curb emissions seems fine to most, but concrete measures like cloud manipulation and iron seeding receive staunch resistance. As such, the ruthless use global warming as a vice while the scientific community is left to try and solve this illogical problem with fart cans(mufflers) and spray restrictions

Undoubtedly this has been more about global warming than elaboration of Asimov's phrase Frankenstein Complex, but as another great science Frank Herbert fiction writer said “Fear is the Mind Killer” . Is it not better trying to solve this bungle with a clear mind than to muddle through the problem like society has done for the last three decades

my sources are Wikipedia and some other obsure site

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