Thursday, July 16, 2009

My World Is Gangsta

The Political structures in place in the world are systematically taking to account the individual in their workings. The law is moving from a shepherd of the illogical human flock to a huge direction pointer in the irrational individual. Giving examples with current situation in homosexual policy in governments, the government has abandoned its way of slowly directing population count, opinions of general public and using other such mass manipulation techniques that discourage homosexuality and such other behavior that increase trends of aspects that are not necessarily seen as helpful in general human populace . Now the governing bodies in place are slowly embracing the wants of the individual, catering for homosexuality and other such things as feminism, current regulation in areas to do with safety, morality, Demands of social nets(public health care), disability care, and many more things.

This is partially due to the power of the individual. The onset of the Internet and other related devices and services connecting the individual to the world, the press , the amount of firepower the individual can possess and amount of damage the individual can produce to todays fragile society are great powers. As such the ruling structures in todays world are now vying for more power on the individual. Freud gave great insight in the individual drive, but the greatest truths about the human being came from John Locke who theorized the individual generally is a tabula rasa, a blank slate at birth whose venerable mind could be fashioned in any way or form if a great enough force is exerted. As such the individual today is subject to screaming mainstream media that usually promotes the ideology of the ruling structure , Overbearing Law enforcement of the current day that discourages wavering from accepted dogma and generally micro manages the individual , biased and harsh law system that prunes any unwanted part in the general populace.

As such the opinions and problems in the government have a disturbing part in the people. Racial prejudice, capitalist agenda , religious leanings, ethnic hatred, political ideology and other such things have effect on the individual. They are smeared on anything in the media, used to influence the law and percolate in anything and everything around the individual. It does not matter on the form of government; dictator, communist or even democracy. In the United states, We have the infamous Fox news :the republican mouthpiece , MSN: a staunch democrat supporter and various other biased standings in the media. The 'Popos' are a hateful and racist organization and the policy of the law system over here is three strikes and you are 'out ' as I heard. In the face of such an overwhelming force, I the individual must push back must take my stand.

As I see it, this ideal civilized lifestyle that has overtaken life in America is an all too ugly facade designed as a brainwash and leash . The kindness and lovey duvey shit of their so called civilized world is purposefully aganist the grain of the base order of humanity, I am an animal, a selfish and sadistic asshole, uncultured with powerful and uncontrollable sexual urges, I need to let out and bring forth these things not them brew behind this 'gentleman' label. These ideologies are the things that have given birth to the homosexual hippie like atmosphere that surrounds philososphy in America.

There is also an avid aversion to Disagreement that at times seem downright ridiculous. Disagreeing with a person in america is like trying to shit an unsliced watermelon, Either anything meager degrades to mindless violence or your disagreement drives the other person away or into some sort of coccoon mode. In any other place, disagreements are part of life and if violence is needed most nothing turns into a crapshoot as fast as in america.

Gangstarism as i see it is a resistance to this 'civilization' of oneself. An accumulation of philosophies that force you discard the love and need of comfort for surrounding community and society in the face of the urgency and seriousness of one's own need. whether Worship of violence, Worldly Comfort and sexuality or resistance to the Law, Need for Money and Need to hump something however you might put it, As i see it these need have outweighed any concern about the world ten times over. That is why i Say my world is Gangsta.

p.s. The word Gangsta has many violent connotations, Each has his own so do not go associating me to some obscure italian mafioso. No sir, i deeply resent that.

p.p.s I also don't sell drugs

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