Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kiswahili tools

I wanted to do a full article on the blog in Kiswahili. I never get alot of people to talk with in the language and i didn't want all the skills that got drilled into me in primary school and part of high school on composition writing to go to waste.

So I am currently searching on the Interwebz for anything that can help. There have been a number of swahili projects. The most famous undertaking is the Kamusi project for an online kamusi. Then there was the open office project called Jambo .It was supposedly going to be open source revolution for the Kiswahili speaking masses but it has fallen off the radar these days. There has been a swahili packs in Microsoft office, A Swahili reiteration of windows but these commercial products have undoubtedly flopped. Zoho online documents offers swahili spellcheck capabilities but the service is not that good. There is even talk that google documents will have kiswahili settings in the near future. Check out the kiswahili translation of this site

I remember that the Kenya National Examination council not long ago was debating whether to keep the subject on the exams and even though the consensus was to keep it on, There was and still is a lack of real use of the language in professional and commercial circles. It is usually prescient just to use English which is not bad in itself but this might result in unintended marginalization of Kiswahili.

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