Friday, December 4, 2009

Blathering theist Jaundices

I originally started posting on just to amp Traffic on my Blog, but I have increasingly been spending alot of time posting on the forum. My self proclaimed war on irrationality in the many guises it comes in I.e. religion, wish washy treatise e.t.c is still going on, as such it was logical to post my postulations and opinions on the forum. I am not dominating the talks in any way, but I will try and post the most juciest sections I contributed to.
From "What is the atheist's cure for mans suffering?"

Now that minds have debated for long the theist's reason for disasters and suffering of mankind in the world i think its only fair that we also hear what atheist's solution is for the human suffering on earth.

Bible reader:
The great religions of the world have already found the solution to it all.

You have not mentioned even a single solution from Atheists perspective.

My Answer:

What in the world do you theist want? The religious christians who asked this question probably grew up hearing that God or Jesus or Santa will wipe away the tears of each and every person in his fancy skyland with personal baby cribs and pacifiers for each and everyone of us and he will personally build dozens of angels to sing to us and rock us to sleep!. My simplication simply does not do this Philosophy justice, it is beautiful! I too want to escape from all the worldly worries and problems like war,poverty or disease to be comforted by Beautiful angels with Big Bobbies but it is unlikely to happen!!

Secular Humanism Does not Build these whimsical metaphorical castle in the sky, so people view atheism, agnosticism, skepticism and related philosophies as cold uncaring nihilistic bleak outlooks to life. But democratic secular humanism builds on ancient philosophies like Confucianism (a secular Buddhist like philosophy advocating building our heaven on earth)or Carvakan ideology to advocate free inquiry,separation of church and state,ethics based on critical intelligence,religious skepticism and human welfare

I view this as an assertion of rationality. Religious theorems are not as coarse and chaotic seeming as secularism,However The most reliable and powerful attribute of humanity is not blind dogma, illogical emotionality ("The greatest thing in this world is Love" ) or elusive supernatural beings.The most reliable attribute that humanity has is Reason, Our ability to rationally think about each and every facet of our lives including problems,ethics,religion,disease,poverty,race,the darkness of skin or of mind e.t.c.

There is this Guy On the Forum named JackOfHearts who i kinda agree on about his veiws on theology and philosophy

I'm not sure you're in the right philosophical realm. Atheism holds rational thought as its highest authority. Here, you're holding your 'feelings' as your highest authority and subjecting your rationality to your 'feelings'. You're still religious.

JackOfHearts opinion:

I think you are falling into the trap Atl often complains about and attributing one forced philosophical system on all atheists, there's similarities but also differences. Recognizing "feelings" is not irrational, in fact "feelings" may be considered an intrinsic component to human survival that evolutionarily developed for our common protection.

These "feelings" may be an evolutionary development not easily dismissed by a contrived rationality that is strictly "survival of the fittest". As an atheist, I'm not so arrogant to assert that I can fully rationally understand all the mechanisms that led us to survive thus far. Feelings may be a huge reason why we survive (even religious feelings that I deem false), our survival is not solely dependent on our rational scientific understanding of all there is; if that was the case we'd have died out as a species long ago in our muddled superstitious past, or even before we had the mental capacity to create such superstitions

However I sligtly disagree with his opinion of feelings in role of feelings in human intra-personal and social dynamic, a point i try to clarify in my other post

My Post:
Moral philosophy along with the main cognitive emotions are portrayed by many Ideologies to set us apart from the primal and animal life. Alot of Religions and modern esotericisms build their theologies linking this difference in Morality and Rationality to the Superiority of Human beings mentally, physically or corporeally .This superiority is clear within the mental plane but it is not in the physical realm and to be frank, it seems borderline egotistic in corporeal dimensions. This is clearly seen (as can be argued by some) in ideologies of religious nature which usually have a ridiculously benign mythological construct who built humanity with an internal happy o-meter(soul) for some secret purpose which only they seem to know, which is obviously preposterous!

But the idea of moral philosophy together with cognitive emotions setting us apart is not that ridiculous, I even agree with it. As said before part of the rise of altruism in human society can be attributed to evolutionary advantage however alot of theories in play in the psychological and anthropological fields agree that the rise cognitive emotion and Moral philosophy is somewhat or somehow correlated with the rise of selective evolution i.e. These things (cognitive emotions, morality and superior intellect)could have led to where humans have a selective breeding capabilities where we could theoretically can select traits, trends and qualities we want in ourselves to breed. As such we are somehow superior to other animals but it is not due to some installed property i.e. soul, spirit(Holy spirit) or demons, it is most likely due to the human race in near literal terms wrestling control of breeding away from the process of natural selection to selective evolution

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