Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I have gotten input that this blog seems very boring,Therefore I will post some random pictures to add colour and liveliness into the blog.

An ode to boobies, Strangely it was only in america that they morphed into desirability.

Weird stuff!

My brother, He is only input I have on my blogging. Even though he think this is pretty stupid, an opinion that sometimes crosses my mind, I still go on posting stuff.

Another ode to the greatest internet meme ever, The Almanac of fail

FIA GT Championship race cars, can you identify them?

-Aston martin DBRS9
-Maserati MC12

-Porshe 911

-Nissan GT-R(even though this is from the japanese GT500 category, there is going to be a GT-R in Le Mans next year)

Bench seats!, the best automotive feature that was killed. Imagine the possible things that could have happened with those in todays cars!

This is a Poster of a Microsoft game; Rise of Nations. To me the poster was a window to humanities fears, social organization and mostly unyeilding determination found with the living's Espirit de corps

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